Friday is Art Day – Melting Crayon Art

Another project we saw on and decided to do for our Art Day!  My youngest and I saw this project in the morning and by noon we were ready to try it on our own.  We got sister out of bed (she’s a teenager and it’s summer!) and she joined in the fun also.



 How we did it!

My youngest loves the bright colors and wanted to do it with all the colors that was on the website, she is my lil rainbow.  My oldest wanted to limit it to the colors to match her bedroom.  We started by hot gun gluing the crayons (with the wrappers) onto a canvas for my rainbow girl.  My oldest didn’t want the crayons on the canvas so we glued hers to a piece of cardboard that we could hold over the top of the canvas and let the wax drip down.  Once we did that my youngest started with the melting process by using a blow dryer for the heat source.  We put some drop cloths down for any drips or splashes behind and under the canvas. 


We read about it on multiple sites so we knew that the blow dryer has the potential to splash the wax to different areas.  We don’t have a heat gun so we went ahead and used a blow dryer on a low blow setting but high heat.  We saw the first drip within 30 seconds of starting.  


We concentrated on the mid section of the wrapper so it wouldn’t splash and switched back and forth between an area of about 7 crayons.  We had some problems with the drips getting down towards the bottom of the canvas and we noticed the longer you concentrated on one area of crayons, the longer the drips would be.  Then my daughter, being braver than I, aimed the blow dryer straight down at the drips and it worked great at pushing them even further down the canvas.  Once she saw how fun that was, she went for it.  She turned the blow dryer on high and was blowing the drips all the way down to the bottom!  She was having a blast!  Since she was having so much fun and she loves color she melted all of her crayons down to virtually nothing for her artwork.



Now onto her sister’s art piece.  She started by painting her canvas black because of the colors of her room.  She chose only purple, blue and white colors for her design.  We did have more problems with splashing on hers and I am assuming this was because her crayons were not directly on the canvas, but on a piece of cardboard I was holding above her canvas.  So we tried to focus more on the upper portion of the crayons for melting and pointing up while doing it.  We started on high with her blow speed but then went down to low.  She wanted less wax on her artwork so she probably only melted about a 1/4 to 1/2 of her crayons.  



With hers some of the crayon tips broke off onto the canvas and it looked “clumpy” on the top.  We then tried to use the blow dryer to just melt those clumps and smooth out the top of the canvas.  It worked pretty well.  We made sure the rest of the wax was dry so splashing didn’t occur.


That was it, took about two hours and cost was limited to canvas price (we got a 5 pack for $20) and boxes of crayons (it was back to school sale so they were $1.99 for 64 crayons and we grabbed 3 packs).  Two very different and unique pieces of art for two very different and unique girls.  They both turned out amazing!!  My youngest wanted to hang hers with the crayon wrappers on the bottom of the page so it looked like crayons “exploding” out of the wrappers.  After a day or two we noticed the drips were coming off the canvas because of gravity.  We had to turn it back around so her drips didn’t break off.  They recommended spraying it with some sort of poly spray to preserve it so that might help with this problem.  It was a cool concept with the crayons exploding out of the wrappers that my oldest came up with but it didn’t work out so well once we hung it. 


After doing this inside our house, next time we will move it to the garage.  Not because of the mess factor but because although Crayolas are non-toxic to eat, I’m imagining that heating them up starts putting out some toxic properties that I would rather have in the garage then inside the house.  Next time we will try some new colors (neon on black!!) and some other concepts that the girls came up with.  It was fun, easy and cheap.  My kind of project.  The girls were able to do everything themselves with the exception of hot glue gun so they loved it!



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