Latest project in our lil Swiftie’s room – Magnet Wall

Creating a “controlled chaos” space for our daughter to hang all of her Taylor posters, magazine cut outs and various Taylor information.  Used “bucky balls” and the magnets to hold the pictures and it streamlines the look even more.  I roped my husband and Swiftie daughter into helping me with this project on a Saturday afternoon.  For everyone who doesn’t know what a Swiftie is (audible gasp by my daughter), it is a Taylor Swift fan or in her case, someone obsessed with all things Taylor. 🙂 This idea I found on (my new absolutely favorite website).  


Here’s how we did it!

We got 10′ x 4′ panels of the thinnest sheet metal we could (26 gauge) from our local builder’s supply store.  They rolled it up for us so we didn’t have to transport it in the full sheet size.  It was still very very heavy, even using the thinnest gauge we could get.  It extended the full length of her room when unrolled.


We cut it to the size we wanted it (almost 9 feet tall) and then predrilled holes about every 12 inches.  Since the sheet was 4 foot wide we were able to find the studs and mount the sides of the sheet metal to the studs in the wall (which eased my mind with so much weight with the sheet metal). With my very strong and understanding (I took up his Saturday afternoon) husband, we lifted the sheet metal up onto the wall and braced it.  He was able to hold it up while I screwed in the sheet metal screws on both sides.  My daughter helped smooth out any buckles or bends before I screwed in each side.  We got both panels up on the wall and stood back and then the “ut oh what did I do” fear hit me.  Two huge pieces of metal with ugly screws on her brand new beautifully painted wall!?  What was I thinking???  I talked myself down and got ready to put up the moulding we got at Home Depot.


 Earlier in the day, while we were drilling holes and measuring her room, our daughter painted the moulding we got at Home Depot to frame the sheet metal.  She painted it with the same color to match her existing trim.  We put up some trim pieces and the fear started to ease a little.  But it wasn’t until getting a picture up and the cool magnets up that I started to get really excited.  We all wanted her to be able to customize her room but the stapled random photos up in her room were leaving us all feeling cluttered and messy.  With this controlled chaos space for her, it was a great solution for all.  For those who like to know the cost before getting into a project, the 10′ x 4′ sheets were around $27 and the moulding around $30.  We had to buy the tin snips for an additional $17.  The “Bucky Ball” magnets we got for the girls over Christmas on a clearance deal for $7 each pack.  Overall a very cool and inexpensive solution.




2 thoughts on “Latest project in our lil Swiftie’s room – Magnet Wall

  1. So very clever & really a cool idea. Very well executed! Congratulations to all – enjoy it! Love you

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