New York City – Apartment Hunting – Properties #3 & 4

Property #3 was on the Upper East Side almost up to Columbia College, mere steps from Central Park and was in the process of being remodeled.  This one had two bedrooms and a living room that would turn into a third bedroom.   It was nice but very small.  One of the bedrooms would fit a twin size mattress and that’s it, no walking room around the bed you would have about a foot of room and then a twin sized bed as your room.  Second bedroom would fit a full size.  Living room really wasn’t a living room since it was an open kitchen and that was part of the kitchen.  Overall to small to even consider with 4 people.  But the mere steps to Central Park had us very excited.  We were bummed that this one just wouldn’t work out.  I think the price on it was around $4500.  As you can see our budget was obliterated and our shell shock had yet to set end.  We were to busy walk/running to have time to think that we were blowing our budget by a good $1000.  Anyway onto the next apartment we go. Also another thing to mention is if you get laundry in the apartment, most do not you get the below.  A washer/dryer combo in the kitchen.  Very Euro as my mother-in-law said!


Property #4 – I have no idea where this one was located but it was 2 bedroom with a true living room where we could put a bed but no wall.  Ok, we are desperate, let’s see it.  It was a very skinny townhouse.  We woke up the current renters (awkward!) and they sat glaring at us while we toured their home.  There was a bedroom on each floor, no king size bed but maybe a queen and then the living room was on the first floor.  The biggest bedroom was on the third floor and we would have to put our youngest daughter on the bottom floor of a three story apartment and I did not feel safe doing that.  It has an amazing roof view though! Again didn’t feel comfortable taking pictures with someone’s stuff in there so you just get the roof views!



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