New York City – Apartment Hunting- Property #1 & 2

As we walk out of her office, she said do you guys have your metro cards.  Yes!!  We are prepared to hit the ground running.  Property #1. The first place she takes us too is an occupied apartment on the lower east side that is a walkup.  No problem we don’t mind stairs.  It was a 2 bedroom and we could put a bed in the living room and have our 3rd bedroom.  I don’t quite remember but I think the price was $3800, well over our budget.  We walk in and you can tell that it is a unit that has a 3 roommate situation.  Futon in the “living room or third bedroom”.  Lets just say that the three of us could not all fit in this apartment with all the stuff that they had.  It was old and it had a little half fridge and no counters in the kitchen.  Definitely a no.  We have two teenage daughters and they would rip each other’s hair out in those close quarters.  I was getting claustrophobic just having two of us in there because Shaylee stepped out so we could take a look without playing a game of twister trying to walk around in it.  It also was in a sketchy neighborhood.  Wasn’t getting the laid back lower east side vibe coming into the place.  This was the only apartment that she had for under $4000 for us to look at.  We are literally feeling sick to our stomachs at this point because we had underestimated the rent. The picture below is of the view, I didn’t feel comfortable taking pictures with someone’s stuff in it.


We head out and tell Shaylee that we don’t like the neighborhood and we hated the apartment.  We are willing to start to see the $4000 and up apartments.  We head to the nearest subway station to go to our next apartment.  Another thing that you learn about NYC very fast is nobody walks at a leisurely pace.  Nobody even walks at a fast pace, there is some pace that belongs only in NYC.  When you get to an intersection in NYC, nobody and I mean nobody waits for the little start walking sign.  New Yorkers are already 1/2 way through the intersection when the start walking sign dings.  I am about 5’5″ and Shaylee was probably 5’2″, I felt like I was speed walking to keep up with her.  I tried matching her stride and could not.  It’s a super power that New Yorkers have.  At the time I didn’t understand how they walk that fast.  It didn’t make sense.  Anyway I digress. She starts walking to the nearest subway station which was a bit of a distance.  It wasn’t the same one we came out of it was a new one, this one would take us up to the Upper East side.  We are walk running before the subway and after the subway and I am exhausted and sweaty from seeing one apartment.  I begin to think I had underestimated how much I really liked the idea of walking.  Part of it was humidity and heat.  It was early June and in the 80’s and very humid.  I come from Reno, Nevada, so it has no humidity and the humidity was high that day because it was supposed to rain in the afternoon.  I kept wiping the sweat from my brow and wondering where it all came from.  The only one sweating more than I, was my husband.  Shaylee had a light jacket on and not a bead of sweat. Both my husband and I had taken all layers off that would could and I was down to a tank top and still sweating.


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